I See You Mumma…

I See You Mumma…

Rushing through the school gate to make sure your kids get to class on time.


I See You Mumma…

Sitting there stroking your little one’s hair as they are full of snot, stuffy in the chest, and just want a cuddle from you.


I See You Mumma…

Sorting through the mess on the dining table with school bags, washing, paperwork, toys, & junk mail just so you can sit down to eat a meal whatever that may be tonight.


I See You Mumma…

Laying in bed late at night thinking about the day, the mind unable to switch off with the multitude of things to remember for tomorrow, don’t forget the show and tell, and the library books are now overdue!


I See You Mumma…

In the car taking the kids to appointments, drop offs, on the way to the shops, putting bags in, and then bags out all prepared for their next destination.


I See You Mumma…

Feeling like you’re running on empty, wondering when you will be able to get just a few hours of rest, that feeling becoming more and more like a distant memory.


I See You Mumma…

Sitting at the traffic lights, looking at your clock driving back to school from work, making sure you are there on time, so that you are the first one your child sees and smiles at as they come running out of the classroom.


I See You Mumma…

For all that you are.

I See You Mumma…

For all that you so willingly give.


Because you are doing fucking amazing!!!!

You are doing the very best you can. And that is all you can ever do!


So just in case you didn’t tell yourself that today, this is for you.

Just don’t forget about YOU. Because you are just as important as those children that you love so deeply.

YOU need to feel that love for yourself too.

If your children could tell you, they only want what is best for you too.






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