Inner Voice… Yes… I’m Listening…


We all have that inner voice within us.

It may be a really gentle, quiet, soft voice, but it’s there.


It’s there to guide us.

It’s there to protect us.

It’s there to tell us everything is going to be okay.

It’s there to show us love.

It’s there to support us.

It knows exactly what is best for us at any given moment.  It is the voice of trust, the voice of faith, the one that will never steer us in the wrong direction.


But sometimes that voice can be drowned out by the constant busy chatter of the thoughts that dominate our mind.


The thoughts that our unconscious mind has on auto repeat.

The thoughts that have been there longer than we care to imagine.

The thoughts that don’t serve us.

The thoughts they are just trying to keep us ‘safe’.

The thoughts that just constantly put us into a state of doubt and worry.

The thoughts that are in fact holding us back from the life we are destined to live.


You see, it’s no coincidence that me living a life trusting that inner voice has got me to where I am right now. I truly believe that I am just following the Devine guidance I am being sent. I am ‘getting out of my own way’ and having complete faith in ‘the plan’. I don’t really know exactly where I am going, but what I know for sure is that it will all be Devinely right for me. How do I know that? Because every time I listen to that guidance, I feel so beautifully supported and truly blessed with what I receive. How do I know when I am not following it? Everything is really hard, it’s like trying to push a square peg into a round hole. No matter which way you try, it’s just never going to fit.


Bless you inner voice – I can hear you. And I am listening. I thank you.




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