All the Time

I feel truly connected with my children for the first time ever. It’s an unspoken language.

It’s felt in the heart.


As I prepared dinner tonight, the girls keep asking me what they can do to help. Yes they are getting older, and more responsible, but this is different. They want to be around me, to just be there right next to me, it’s a different feeling…

Since really becoming more in tune with my true self, I am connecting with my girls in a completely different way. I am so much more present with them. It’s hard to explain, but I can just feel it.

I’m not just there…I’m “there”

I talk to them differently.

I feel like I’m not just their mum anymore, but a teacher and a spirit to guide them. I talk to them about life, not just their day. I’ve never really spoken to them on this kind of level before, it’s just coming out of me.

I’m talking directly to their spirits.

Because at their young age, that’s all they are. Beautiful beings with only love in their hearts.

I feel truly connected with my children for the first time ever. It’s an unspoken language.

It’s felt in the heart.

I have so much of myself to give them and they are gravitating towards that.  I’m not just going through the motions of everyday life anymore.

I’m seeing my life for each and every moment it is. My heart is so open.

Even though I’ve come from complete darkness, and that was their reality for a period of time, I’m now radiating light within, and out to them.

I couldn’t be happier that I can give them my light.

Taking the time I needed to connect back with the “real me” has been a phenomenal experience. Finding my purpose and love in my heart has given me a full heart to share.

As I now embark on my ‘big meaningful work’, I realised I am not just impacting the greater world as I know it, but my family. Knowing that I’m the role model to the girls I’ve always wanted to be, fills me with complete joy…

And I feel like I have the full potency to do that today and for every day going forward.

Every day I wake and I’m that shining light for those two beautiful souls, is another day of true fulfillment.  To fill their hearts with that light to embrace their world too.

I never knew this was what life could be.

To live and breathe your big meaningful work every day. My legacy in this lifetime will never be forgotten because it will forever live in them.

All because I made the decision to find the light within me.

And as I tucked them both into their bed tonight, Ella says to me…

“Mummy, I love you all the time”… and Ada says

“Yeah Mummy, all the time”

And I knew exactly what that meant.

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