How Spirituality and the Path to Enlightenment has Allowed Me to Truly Just Be…

If you had of told me six months ago that I would be spiritually awakened and living a life of true purpose and fulfilment, I would have called you crazy.  Not because spirituality is crazy, but because I didn’t even really know what that actually meant, or that a life like this could be possible.


I think that for anybody that has been determined to change their life from being in a very dark place, knows that finally making the decision to change is one of the scariest but liberating experiences you can have. It’s where the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing. Unsure of the how, but taking the plunge that anything has to be better than this. It takes everything that you’ve never been before, to pull yourself out. Finally making a resolved decision to stop the pain.  Enough was enough.  The hardest thing is knowing that you can’t use the same mindset that got you into the mess, to get you out of it. So you have no other option but to discover new ways of thinking, new ways of doing, and to be completely open to things you never knew before.  I knew deep in my heart that I was not gifted this life to live like this.



Spiritually is not all the rah-rah that it may appear to be on the outside. It holds its own special place for those who embark on it. Some people are already on that journey without even knowing it. It’s different for everyone.  I found it so empowering in gaining awareness of my thinking, and how that influenced my life.  And more profoundly how old belief patterns that were formed from a younger age influenced the way I perceived the world. It’s what we put out to the “universe” that essentially creates the reality we live in, and the world as we know it. It teaches you to be one with what you think, feel and see. It has nothing to do with believing anything that is outside of ourselves. It is to centre who we are, go within and seek all we need from there. It is confronting; because you have to take responsibility for everything that is you, and all that surrounds you.


It was however, so liberating to know that I held the power within.  So coming from a place of sadness and despair, it gave me the inspiration to change all that I thought, going forward.  I had been able to empower myself because I only had to reflect inwards, and what I could change. There was no emphasis on other people, or circumstances, as that was outside of me.  All I had to do was focus on me. I could become exactly who I wanted to, and start living the life I truly wanted.


It has been one of the most empowering experiences, that has only been heightened by the connections I’ve made with other amazing people.  I’ve seen their pain and struggles, and they have seen mine, but confronting it head on and letting it go it so liberating. I’ve never felt so comfortable to be who I am, even when I was vulnerable and fragile. It was myself, trying to free the real me. Free to be home, where I could take the time I needed to heal and grow.  I put myself in places I would never had ventured before. You can gain so much knowledge and wisdom from other people and their stories when you’re open to listen.  Majority of the religions have their own Gods who they worship to set themselves free and grant forgiveness. I believe spiritually allows you to be your own “God” if you want to call it that, and become all of you.


I truly believe it’s time to stop “living” and to start really “being”. That is where the magic really happens. It’s in the now, not thinking of the past, nor the future. All we truly have is this moment, so embrace that.


Coming out of the darkness and now being light, I only want to help others become all they want to be. To be filled with joy, love and true fulfillment with all life has to offer. If someone told me I could live a life like this, I would have embarked on this journey of self discovery years ago, rather than enduring all the pain and heartache I created to wake myself up. But given where I am today, I would not change it for the world. I am truly grateful for the strength I have gained, and for where I stand now.  I stand proud and tall, because I did this, I created this, and this me, is the happiest version of me I’ve ever met. For the first time ever, I know who I am, and why I am here.


All my love and blessings,

J xxxxx


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